Health Project

On 30th March 2016 we the class P7 and the P2 went to a big park .
We took the underground till the station called Stadion.
The park was a bit away from the underground so we  walked 15mins till the park .
The park was really so big and the weather was good too  .
Few of us didn’t have sports clothes on  but that didn’t matter that much  .
The most important thing was that we forgot to take our  bottles of water  .
We ran a lot, that’s why we all were so thirsty .
We ran and also made pictures  .
You can check them  out  down below .
We ran exactly 2 hours long .
We also made a race about  the fastest runner .
We each used to run  with only 1 friend  and then in the end we could check  with seconds how fast we have been .
It was really fun .
5 minutes before 14:00 we started walking back to the underground .
One of the teachers was holding our keys and our tickets .
We came back to the school and then we changed into our normal clothes and then we packed our stuff and a few went home and a few stayed at school for the rest of their lessons .



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